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Musical activities of the town

If you enjoy music we have un Strasbourg lots of differents music room. From Classical to modern.

Music-Hall,  Cabaret, french revue and restaurant Versailles, Royal-Palace  at kirrwiller alsace, France.

The Congress Palace of Strasbourg is easy to reach from the Hotel. We are on the same tramwayline ( Line B)

In Strasbourg we have the largest Zenith of France. It is only at 10 minutesfrom the hotel.


Some websites on the museum and the Cathedral Notre Dame

The website of the strasbourg museum ( Alsacian Museum, Fine Art, Modern Art, Ungerer Museum, Archeological

Do not avoid the visit of the Museum of l’Oeuvre Notre Dame and the Fine art Museum.

The website of the most important Roman Cathedral of World


Discover our aera

You will find the website of Haut Koenigsburg Castle which was rebuilt in 1908 by the Emperor of Germany William the second.

In the ecomusées, step out of your world ans discover the alsacian traditions. Escape to another time and place.
If you are found of Historical monulent. With this website you will discover the romans building and music.
You may not come inn Alsace and not discover Colmar.
The site of the Office de Tourism of Strasbourg.
If you want to discover Christmas at Strasbourg and the famous Christmas Market.

Boat lift Saint Louis Arzwiller; Which is the biggest boatlift in France.

Tourism to Alsace, hiking,  castles,  cycling,  maginot-line, alsatian  judaism,  museums,  alsatian  beer

Strasbourg has a famous University , University Louis Pasteur which gave a Nobel price fellow.

Lots of formation are taking place in that University which is located nearby the hotel.

If you need a guide to discouver our nice area. We may advise you François Muller.


Discover the black forest and of the german aera

Hier are some links in order to discover the German castles located in Bade Wurttemberg or im Pfalz

Most of these Castle are amazing. In Rastatt located between Strasbourg and Karlsruhe, you will be in Italy. And in the country castle La favorite you will be bach in the eighteen century. These castles were preserve during the last war.

Heildelberg needs also to be seen. 

Clocksmaker road

Castle road

Informations about the german castle

Line tree road

Green Road

Baroque road

Above the Habsburg settlement in our aera

Website of the town Ettenheim, town of the Cardinal of Rohan, where the Duke of Enghein lived before he was shot by Napoleon Ier in Vincennes.


Township Tours and rhine cruise

Departure : Embarcadère du Palais Rohan

Frequency of departure : every 1/2 hour from april till october 9h00 till 21h00

Other month of the year : 10h30, 13h00, 14h30 et 16h00

Questions : 03 88 32 75 25

You may take profit of you stay in Strasbourg to make a cruise on the rhine. You will enjoy cruising on the rhine or on other part of europe.


The wine roads

Hier are some website which will allow you to discover our wine area.

On the german side, you have also a wine road which is worth to be seen.
The mosel wine road

Hereby are the website of the wine producers you may find in our restaurant :






On the Road of Saint Jacques de Compostelle

The cycleway along the hotel, on the Ill border is Saint de Compostelle way.


Cycle ways

Strasbourg has an exceptionnel cycle way network. There are in our aera more than 400 km of cycle ways.

The hotel is located along the cycle way from strasbourg to Mosheim, in front of the Gutenberg Island.

Rent a bike in Strasbourg:

Railway Station
4, rue du maire Kuss

Sainte Aurélie:
1, bd de Metz

Town center:
10, rue des Bouchers



In Germany

You may take benefit of your visit in Strasbourg in visiting these two factories outletstore.


Huge outlet store located 100 km north of Strasbourg, 50 famous brands are available as Chevignon, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Quicksilver, Burberry…


South of Stuttgart, at 140 km from Strasbourg, this factory outlet store is wellknowed for the large factoryoutlet store of Hugo Boss as well as for all the famous brands available on this site as, Esprit, Bally, Nike factory Store et Escada.

In France


You will find some factories store

Papetier Aussedat Rey :
139 route Wantzenau
67015 Strasbourg
tel : 03 88 31 00 31

Orfèvre Deetjen à Schiltigheim :
9, rue Poincaré
67304 Schiltigheim cedex
tel : 0033 (0) 388 62 26 46


Factory Store Heschung all the product of the shoes factory is available.

Zone Industrielle Eigen

67490 Dettwiller


tel : 0388719996

fax : 0388914510

E-mail : 


Factory store Beauvillé , in this store, you will find very nice typical alsatian tableclothes

19 route de Saint Marie aux Mines
68150 Ribeauvillé
tel : 03 89 73 74 74


Factory store of the famous kitchen articles maker Staub

2 rue Saint Gilles
68230 Turckheim
tel : 03 89 27 77 71


In Gérardmer and aroud you may find textile factory outlet stores.

Place du Tilleul
88400 Gérardmer
tel : 03 29 63 45 20

Le Jacquard Français
35 rue Charles de Gaulle
88400 Gérardmer
tel : 0329608250

232, Route d’Epinal
88400 Gérardmer
tel : 0329600539


If you need a lawer in case you have a trial in a court in France Germany or Spain.  we may recommand the law firm Thorsten Borrak in Rust Ettenheim :


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